Monday, April 25, 2005

While we were eating one evening, walking down the dusty road towards Placencia we spotted the artist from whom we had commissioned a hand made drum. Lo and behold – it was pitch black outside and we were sitting in a restaurant, but we spotted him with our drum under his arm. He had come to Placencia to find us so he could deliver it to us in person. I have avoided mentioning people’s names here because I do not like to invade personal privacy, but I am sure that the artist would love the publicity in this case. The artist’s name is David. He is a very softly spoken, lively, funny and charming guy who is hugely talented with wood. You will see his work in a number of different shops in Belize as he is also extremely hard working and promotes himself well. His woodwork is beautiful and fairly priced. If you meet him, ask him to make you something personal. We bought him dinner, paid for the drum and dropped him off at a family member’s home in Seine Bight village.