Monday, April 25, 2005

We had to return our car, which seemed like a simple exercise. We had been instructed to wait at the bus station at a specific time when the car would be collected. We waited, chatted to cab drivers, had a Belikin, and waited some more. I wandered off to see if there was another bus station but a policeman told me that if we were told to meet at the bus station, we were at the right place. Eventually we gave up, went back to the hotel and called Crystal motors. We were told that the guy was there waiting for us. We explained that there had just been the cab drivers, one bus and us during our hour-long wait but he insisted the guy was there. So, we dutifully returned to the bus station. No one from Crystals was there. Eventually we went back to the hotel and I called Crystals again a little peeved by now. Fortunately, the guy they had sent had some initiative and located us at the hotel. There was another bus station and he had been there. He was British and we chatted a bit and off he went.