Monday, April 25, 2005

We went into town, did the required stop at Eva’s (good fried chicken and quite an international crowd) and then headed back to the hotel. We thought we would do the hotel’s big promotion – The Green Iguana Tour and Mini Medicine Trail - . Personally, I was not too impressed. It seems they got a bunch of green iguana eggs, hatched them and are keeping them in a big screened house so that they can charge tourists to look at them. They have dressed this up as a conservation project. Now while the lovely woman who gave us the tour was interesting and entertaining, there was no real information up about their ‘conservation project’. Anyway, that evening we bumped into a group who had just come back from the ATM caves. They looked somewhat shell shocked. They were lovely people and one of them was a lady in her fifties who wasn’t completely fit. They had a rough time but loved it and assured us that our plan to go the following day was spot on.

Off we went, very excited and apprehensive. The hotel had booked us with Pacz tours and our guide couldn’t have been better. He even had a story to tell about how he had survived the deadly Fer de Lance. It was a quirky group and it contained the most annoying person in the world. I am well travelled and have met people everywhere. I live in a big city, but I can truly say that this guy really took the biscuit as the most annoying person ever. This made it somewhat awkward at first as everyone trapped in the van with him as we drove to our destination was really annoyed. That is, until we realised that in addition to being the most annoying person in the world, he had the thickest skin in the world. This meant that we could vent our frustration openly. Even the guide joined in. It made for a laughter filled day.


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