Monday, April 25, 2005

We stayed at Green Parrot, which had our favourite beach cabana. We loved the shower and Smiley, the resident smiling dog! The hotel was very nice but we discovered that many of the resorts in Placencia depend on keeping you there. It was a bit disconcerting being asked at 10 am whether we were going to have dinner at the hotel that evening. People who did not have vehicles said they felt trapped at their resorts. We headed into Placencia and found we arrived on the tail end of the arts festival. I have to say that while Placencia is a cute little town, it was our least favourite place. We did enjoy having a drink at Mango’s and eating at the Hungry Ghecko and the Purple Space Monkey. We also had breakfast at Roberts Grove Inn on our last day, which was very handy as they now run a petrol station, so good breakfast and gas and we were on our way to San Ignacio.